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Originally Posted by Ayummi
I actually met someone that had very good manners, typed proper English and everything. BUT! He just kept asking for more and more and more and more and more and more. @_@ I had to ask someone to save me from that person... ._.

P.S. It's also very annoying when someone says "Please." like that. Like..
I need you to get me some items.

@_@ God I hate that ._.

P.S.S. o-o or P.P.S? k whatever. Um another thing is... Saying please properly but multiple times... like... Please. :: Seconds later :: Please. :: Seconds later :: Please. So even though they say please and everything @_@ it's still annoying.

strongly agree...... what i do is .......saying "sorry, gtg." then immediately log off..........if he wants to add me as friend, thanks god ive never been so grateful to think about the truth that my friendlist is full!~
i mean, i just can't say NO........... otherwise some people would accuse you for that..