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That post almost made me cry... Well said, Dianthea, well said.

Trickster is on its way to its 7th year so please don't do anything to let players quit.

But come to think of it, there's a big flaw on the developers' decision to make boxes untradeable. Gift boxes cannot be stored in the bank, however, item you get can be stored. This won't solve anything because right now, there are a lot of ingame items like Altiverses, Requiems, Uniques. Those items are tradeable which means that abusers can still do the glitch while having unlimited flow of Repair Powders, Elixirs, and Nate's Bottle. They can just trade their items to their mule and voila, still same sh*t. The cycle goes on and on.

I always thought that maybe making the boxes untradeable is just temporary until they can find a way to fix the glitch, but then again, I'm not hoping anymore.