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Ok well if your just looking for pve then here is a list of things you should have

Depending which bosses u are trying too hunt rather it is for choas tower boxes or the bosses with the equipment drop soki queen spicy etc

Your weapon should consist of atleast more of ap/elemental attr so a altervies weapon or boss weapon is top dog in this one. Heres a list of the sets im talking about Category:Item Set - ggFTW Trickster Wiki

For your shield you should have 2 different shields 1 for elemental which is a golden lion shield and one for dp/hp which you can find with the item sets link above and ur hat depending if u want that for hpordp u can also find that with the item set above mainly for dp

for your accssories you hould have one equal with ap and hp which also you can find with the item sets above depending on ur level.

A decent build for a prima is 3124 was what was said so u have no extra wt too back you up, as long as u have a decent ap weapon u can even go 1144 but i wouldnt recommend it since ur soley pve

Also a few of prima skills that are useless in pve
Entrancing Wink - ggFTW Trickster Wiki this skill force all magic type still to be stalled as in they cant use it when it but bosses somehow get around it
Aura Shatter - ggFTW Trickster Wiki this is soley a pvp skill it is fun too use, it knock off a certain amount of buff ups your enemy uses which most monsters don't have buff ups.

If your not worried about pvp you dont need hv really, hv increases the dmg to ur main two attacking skills which are volly kick and 2 hit but you wont be using them much since ur gonna be meleeing alot so i say you should worry more about ap hp, you can either equal ur equips out for this like 5ap/5hp but for pve you only need atleast 30khp max
If you need anymore feel free too ask and If i seem to be missing anything that you need dont hesitate too ask either. Goodluck to you
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