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Gincake will become famous soon enough
IGN: TinkleBell
Class: Grandma to_primadonna
Level: 2high4u
Guild: «Firefly»

tinklebell, irl known as gin. i like to sort of float about. also i shoot bees out of my mouth when i'm hungry.

i'm a qurl + medical student and i like the colour blue, loki, cold places, fleece, corners and other stuff.

please don't hesitate to talk to me though sometimes i take a while to respond - most of the time i'm probably just watching videos of screaming geckos or doing vaguely human things like showering or eating. also i'm generally harmless but i randomly moan about obscure male celebrities and swear at things a lot.

i used to be in ff from 2010? 2011? for about a year, but left to take a national exam. couldn't forget about cait <3,the memories made with this guild and the people, so here i am.

much luvvvvvvv xx