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Originally Posted by mikecxz
break the stun spell as quickly as you can and try to capture the cleric, make sure to keep her from being able to use any spells but don't kill her.
"This is absolutely ridiculous!" The warrior complains, "I change my mind about democracy. Obviously, any form of government that allows idiots to turn on you at any second is absolute hogwash. I declare myself de facto leader of this party. You all have to do what I say."

"Forcing people to do what you say ain't heroic. Just sayin'." Says Kyle.

"Shut up, Kyle. Sometimes heroes have to force other people to do what they tell them for their own good."

"That's it," says the cleric, "I'm killing this stupid ghoul so we can move on already."

"What, no! I said you're not allowed to." The warrior replies.

"And who's gonna stop me?"

The warrior gazes over at Kyle. "I'm a pacifist so Kyle will have to do it."

"An authoritarian pacifist warrior. That's the single dumbest thing I've ever heard."

"Not as dumb as cleric killing something."

"I can heal it to death, dumbass."

"That doesn't even make sense. How can you heal something to death, you'll just bring it back to life."

"That's not how it works."

"Yes it does."

"You're not even a cleric, how would you know?"

"I just know."

"No you don't."

"You're lying."

"No I'm not."

"Yes you are."


"Uh huh."

"Nuh uh."

"Okay, this is getting childish."

"Not as a childish as a Cleric that's addicted to the internet, thinks he can heal a ghoul to death, much less kill a ghoul at all."

"You know what, you really a huge worthless *****. That's going in the book! No, even better! I'll update the blog with an entry how huge of a ***** you are!"

"Don't you dare! My fandom will be insulted!"

"I'm doing it riiiiight now!"

"Quit, it you brat! I'll kill you!"

The cleric and the warrior wrestle over the PDA while Kyle looks on in disillusionment. "Well, you guys have fun doin' that. I'm gonna go check out the other rooms in this dungeon for, uhh, treasure boxes." Kyle leaves the room. You feel a great wave of relief wash over you as one less disgusting living being is shedding particles in the vicinity of your master's beautiful bust. But the other two are still there, and you have to kill both of them. You absolutely have to make sure that they suffer.

NO! Your mind is slipping. You're becoming more devoted to the necromancer as each second passes. It seems that all of your rage stems from the adventurers being near the necromancer's bust. Maybe the necromancer is inside of the bust, maybe the necromancer is the bust, or maybe the necromancer simply exaggerated about the urgency of her situation and just wants nobody near her beautiful, large, round, comforting, grandiose, but still made of marble bust.

You only need to get the adventurers away from the bust. Maybe then you'll have some time to think and figure away to loosen the necromancer's grip over you. You can feel the cleric's stun spell fading away. You slowly regain movement in your arms. Soon, you can move you entire body. The cleric and warrior are so busy fighting over the PDA that they don't even notice that you're free. You need to restrain the cleric. He's the one that can stun you. You need to grab him and remove him from the room, but you can't hurt him.

Once you do that the pacifist warrior will surely leave to seeing as she has no way to defend herself. You loom over the two adventurers as they wrestle on the floor over the PDA. The warrior has the cleric pinned to the ground, but the cleric still manages to keep the PDA in his hands.

"Give me the damn PDA, cleric!" Demands the warrior.

"Maybe if you get off of me I will!"

"Hogwash, you'll just run away!"

"I promise I won't. Just let go of me!"

"Hogwash, hogwash, hogwash!"

"Ugh, I'm totally suing you for sexual harassment when we get out of he-"

"What? What's with that look on your face? Are you finally deciding to let me have the PDA? Is there something on my face? My breath doesn't stink does."


"Like I'm gonna fall for that one. Just give the PDA alre- OOF!"

You kick the idiotic warrior out of the way. The cleric tries to crawl away and cast a spell, but you stomp on his pathetic hands. "AGGGH!" He's absolutely helpless now. You can see the terror in his eyes and it gives you an almost orgasmic tingle through your body. Without hesitation you raise your sword jam it into his chest. His ribcage didn't even resist. The sword went right through like he was butter. How unappealing. You wanted to make him hurt more. It always hurts more when they resist. That's what the necromancer thinks anyway. Welp he is just a waif after all. You turn your eyes to the warrior who's looking awestruck at what just happened. She will be a much more appealing victim. She looks like she can resist a bit. You'll show her why she shouldn't have defaced your master's beautiful bust with her disgusting living presence.

Unfortunately, she hastily runs out of the room and the killing lust leaves you. You look down at the now dead cleric and gently apply your palm to your face. You messed up.

Enter command:

Examine, Talk, Attack, Pick Up, Drop

ITEMS: Just a Sword, PDA, Locket, Net x100