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Default New years~ Project Awesome~

Note: If you looked closely at my last post, there was a red PI symbol in its belly~

Happy new years

Post #7!

And today's topic is on: Interactive Product Dispensing Robots!

This project has taken a lot of time and effort.(I was suppose to do something simpler...)

Before I show you the robot, I will assure you that no Cubes were harmed in the making of this robot. (only FEW humans got terminated)

So far the robot it rev 1.1
(rev 1 was just a pile of parts that talks~)

  1. Can spot and track humans. (It can tell if its a non human object.)
  2. Dispense a "product"
  3. Talk
  4. Lasers
  5. Play music (via attachment of personal media player)
  6. Glow fancy colors (according to music from personal media player)
  7. Can run on both AC or Battery power
  8. Open and close panels
  9. Automatic wake/sleep
  10. Completely folds up into a elongated ellipsoid for easy Storage

I plan to upgrade it more later

(any ideas of cool features? o3o)