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Well, I quitted the game a few months ago, but I can give you some tips for those 3~4 years of experience with a 4114 pure AP Prima.
These are just MY opinion, feel free to do whatever you want. It's a game, you're supposed to have fun.

Originally Posted by Lust

1. In general what would be the best kinds of equipment to stack on HP or AP or HV for a Prima who doesn't skill much except Evo when needed.
If you really dont like using/carring many MP pots (I know that feeling...) you should stack with AP. You can focus just on that as you said you do PvM only. The higher AP the best. I remember I had about 9k AP with 230% attr. and I could simple meele everything on CT without bothering to use many skills except buffs. (Well, I had to use Evolution for the last boss, but ok)

2. For equips, what should I focus on compounding - HV or AP or HP?
Go for AP. You build calls for it, you should comp. everything AP, accs, inner, hat, pet... I would recomend a HP cape and shield and AP for the rest, but it's just my opinion and experience in PvM/CT.

2. Should I be more concerned about HV rather than MD & DP? (laugh at me you may but i'm still concerned about those things n___n)
- i'm not sure if HV applies for magic attacks, so some light on that would be nice.
I didn't really bother about MD & DP, since a alt. shield give a good amount of both and you have Mana Reflector and the DP buffs, so just focus on AP. (not HV, since it really doesn't matter when you get around 400~500 HV to PvM)

3. Elemental vs HV vs HP (shield)
HP to more survival or an elemental if you don't take many hits with it.

Bonus question: How do other cats deal with their WT?
I didn't. That was the point I hate most about my cat (which was 4114 pure AP). You can always try to buy a pouch to comp. with AP/HP, but good luck with that. ;x

ps i'm still only lvl 145
That was my status to PvM/CT, if it does matter. I had no problem going solo to CT.
P.S: I don't really find myself 'hax'.

I hope that helps and forgive my english, I got lazy to check translator all the time. c:

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