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Default Primadonna question~

So here are the reasons why I went as a prima~

1. I didn't like dying so much and auto-die when I get piled by mobs.
2. Since I have elemental weapons I do nice damage.
3. They look good.

I am a 4114 Prima with 3ap1wt build style~ and this is purely for PvM (mainly CT because it's fun yay) and not PvP

Even though i've read the guides there are still some things that I don't understand. Anyways here are my concerns are~

1. In general what would be the best kinds of equipment to stack on HP or AP or HV for a Prima who doesn't skill much except Evo when needed.
- atm i'm very happy with my current weapon (a lv10 tomb staff w/172%air)

2. For equips, what should I focus on compounding - HV or AP or HP?
- to help you help me out: I don't really like to skill a lot since it's a hassle because i'd have to buy pots and as it is i'm already frustrated with my WT (i'm used to sheeps~)

2. Should I be more concerned about HV rather than MD & DP? (laugh at me you may but i'm still concerned about those things n___n)
- i'm not sure if HV applies for magic attacks, so some light on that would be nice.

3. Elemental vs HV vs HP (shield)
- I have a GLS(165%) or a tomb shield(+3088HP) or should I get an HV shield?(if so what would be the range of the HV shield for it to be considered decent?)

Bonus question: How do other cats deal with their WT?

Closing remarks: I know that some people might be thinking that I should've done a bunny or something but the shield and armor buffs are mainly what attracted me to chose a cat and why I didn't become a Diva is because~~~ (idk I just really wanted to be a Prima<3 )

Will +Rep if you help me out ;~; and Happy New Year to everyone~

ps i'm still only lvl 145