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Originally Posted by NiBo
You need professional help, according to what you wrote here.
I've sought out professional help, because I realize something is wrong with my mentality, I know I'm not in a good state of being and that something needs to change. But all I can say is that after seeing many "professionals" their "help" has been little more than useless. None of them tell me anything I don't already know, it's like sitting there listening to someone read your mind. Anything they may have offered to assist me is something I could have done or have tried on my own. Except medication, of course. But I've yet to find a medication that affects my way of thinking in the slightest, after trying many different kinds for extended periods of time.

This is why I'm so confused. It seems like nothing is wrong, although I know something is very wrong because my behavior and mentality has changed so drastically I know it isn't normal. I find it kind of ironic, really. How aware I am of minute changes in my life and environment but yet I can't even determine what's wrong with me.

I've read your message, Sunniiee. I have things to attend to very shortly but I'll respond when I have the time. Also, thank you.
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