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FonSpark will become famous soon enough

Vartio full story of being cute:

I enter a tag room. My ship was IJ+SF. When that game was over, I changed to SF+HWS. The new game started with my teammate Vartio getting surrounded by 3 red dots from the other side of the map. He died, and raged (obviously). After that game, he became Master and changed room title to "No hws", and I saw myself getting kicked (at that moment I didn't know he is host).

I went to a Boss room, played there 3 times, finished my Boss daily, then come back to that room. Vartio is still there lol. I kindly message him "Do you know who kicked me?". No response. I play 1 more game with my IJ+SF ship. Then try to lure out this bad boy: "So you were the one who kicked me". Seeing that, he starts to beg Master to kick me, saying I was using Hws last game lol. Busted! Other people defend me, so he had to shut up. Fat lies, bad attitude = Vartio.

On top of that, even if Hws is banned, Vartio still need 5 games to finish Tag daily. GG.