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Originally Posted by Valese
I assume you're from Jewelia?

Please mail-trade my cat Valese the following whenever you have time :3

- 18x AP 215 [13.5m]
- 17x HP 185 [8.5m]
- 13x HP 215 [9.75m]
- 17x HV 215 [12.75m]
- 5x HV 275 [7.5m]

If you also happen to have any HP/AP/AC 275's laying around, I would like to buy them for 1.5m each, like the HV stones you're selling, thank you very much!
Will mail them to you tomorrow when I log on.

Ah, crap! I forgot to put which server. If a mod sees this can my thread be changed to "S>/B>Thread (J)"? Thanks!