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Thumbs up Any Ys series fans around here?


So, I've recently "dove into" a game series that I've known of for a while, but never tried out.

I picked up Ys: Origin and The Oath in Felghana on Steam during a 50% off sale (which is still going on 'til Jan 5th, if anyone is interested). I enjoy Action RPGs, and saw that these games are in that cateogry, so decided "what the heck?"

I'm glad I did. Now I'm hooked on it lol. Will be purchasing Napishtim for the PS2 next pay day.

I love the fast-paced action combat, 2D Sprites on a 3D background has always been a cool set up for me (loved how Ragnarok Online did that as well). Great environments, really challenging enemies and bosses that will kick your butt until you "learn them". Just a blast to play.

Curious if anyone could recommend any more recent MMOs that fall into that similar play and graphics style? Would love to check them out. I used to be good at keeping up on these things, but there's just too many MMOs out these days to keep track of.