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Originally Posted by mikecxz
walk to the tower
You still have two (2) hours until you have to deal with your master's assailants. Until then you should explore. Outside of your room is a perfectly square hallway which is perfectly devoid of anything that isn't itself. It ends exactly at the entrance to your room. There are seemingly no other rooms in this building other than your room. You travel down the hallway. It feels as though your are making no progress at all. You look back to find a black void behind you. You feel as though if you were to step backwards you would step out of reality itself. Thus, you press forward. You don't remember walking out of the hallway, nor do you remember descending any steps, but you find yourself outside of the building. You can see you can see your room's window several stories above you. It is the only such window you have seen so far. You look back down the hallway. The entrance to your room can be clearly seen, despite your room's window being way above the ground and your walk to the ground being way longer than the distance it would take for you to walk to the entrance of your at its current location.

Outside, it is perfectly quiet. There is not a sound. Theoretically, you could hear your heartbeat if you had a working one. The black sun is the only thing in the sky which is simply an empty grayish-purple void. The uncity is clearly modeled after the HCotHHoH. Though every building lacks distinct features and all of them have the same shape, each building is placed in the same exact area as it's HCotHHoH counterpart. It isn't just the placing either. There is some sort of atmospheric nuance to each building which is immediately recognizable, despite each building being a featureless square or rectangle.

Placed around the outer section of the false tower are cubes. They have the same features of all the other structures in the uncity yet they seem to be your exact same size. They also disgust you like they are piles of garbage. A cube slowly descends from the sky. It flashes out of existence at times and seems to be having trouble touching the ground. It shakes violently before it finally makes contact with the ground, albeit on one of its corners. The cube then phases into the ground and continues its violent shaking without any regard to the fact that it and the ground are both solid materials.

Two more cubes appear in the sky. They float to ground slowly much like the first cube but, through means which your brain couldn't process, they become stuck to each other. They begin to spasm violently like the previous cube but fly off at an impossible speed. You hear metallic scraping sounds before what seems to be a stock recording of an explosion - which skips a bit - coming from the direction that they flew off to. These cube antics are very strange and intriguing to look at, but you move on.

You don't even remember walking inside of it, but you are inside of the False Tower of Solus. It is the most detailed area you've seen in the uncity so far. It is a bad imitation of the Tower of Solus's sanctuary. Everything has such a low polygonal rate. There is even a chair that gets momentarily replaced by an flashing red block of text that reads "EROR" when you look at it from your periphery vision. Not error, "EROR".

You can hear rhythmic thumping coming from below you. It is possible that your master is down there.

Enter command:

Examine, Talk, Attack, Pick Up, Drop

ITEMS: Just a Sword, PDA, Locket, Net x100, E̼̭͚͇̒̌̃ͬ͞ͅR̢̡̺̟̲̥̫͐̔̓͆ͪͩͦ̊Ȍ̷͏̙̪͍͕͙̜R̾ͭ͏̸̯͓̣̼͙͟ x255