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Originally Posted by dexx
Cool. You guys know the game so well, I assumed you'd been playing for ages...

Also, I posted this on the official forums but am getting no responses, so I'd like to see what you guys think.

At this point I'm finding I have too many goals and not nearly enough stamina to pursue all of them. I'm curious how each of you picks what's most important to work on/improve for your team.

These are not in order of importance.

What to spend stamina on:
Complete more dungeons.
Farm metal dragons to power level monsters.
Farm Special Dungeons for rare creatures like mystic swordsman(I really need green for my team).
Farm creatures to skill up creatures (ie siren).
Farm Evo material for the monster that are ready or nearly ready to level.

Who to power-up/evolve:
Level creatures that need evolving to be good (ie Dragonette->Fafnir).
Level further my heavy hitters that take a ton of xp to gain levels now(ie Chaos Dragon Knight/Vampire Lord).
Level situational team members (ie Indra/Berserk/Shaitan)
Well, from my personal experience, I first set a possible and somewhat easily reachable goal (what kind of team I want to make), and just focus on that first.

For example, say that I'm focusing on my x4 Dark team first, and possibly Wood team after that, then even if stages like the Water/Fire Sky Dragon appeared, I wouldn't really bother, because I need those stamina on other things.

Same thing goes with whenever Metal or Jewel Dragons' dungeons are available, or like even with today's x2 drop rate for the Mask stages, if I don't need them, not gonna bother, they do come every week after all.

And once you passed Castle of Satan, you don't really have to push forward anymore unless you're aiming to get more free gem, because there's nothing that you really need to unlock to farm stuff.