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Default Day 2!

Note: If its "Made, make, creation".... I made it.
If its a "find".... i found it, (and I most likely didnt make/create it~)

I will make emphasis that this IS random thread. Not all of my post will be trickster related~

Post #2!
And todays topic is on: Goomba Ocarina

A while back I made a Goomba Ocarina!(In some random art class in middle school. I was suppose to make a pot...... )

The Ocarina part is built inside his head, and is Fully functional. By Covering holes on his head while playing the ocarina, it gives of different notes. I calibrated these holes, so that it would play the same notes as an original "song bird sweet potato ocarina" [remember those ads in the nintenderp power?]. So if you have the "Ocarina Songbook" that came with it, you would be able to play the songs by following the music scales contained with it~
[tested via playing song of time~]