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IGN: Zaylia
Class: Sheeeeep to_sheep
Level: 3xx
Guild: Révolution

So I'm giving everyone who's posted before this till the 3rd of Jan to meet up with me and finish trades for reserves, or I will put them back up for trade. NO EXCEPTIONS. I will be making a new thread then since this one is getting unorganized. People I have stuff reserved for:

LerieCHU - Cotton Candy Staff

Shanny - Dream Hat
-Momo Hairband
-Kooh Hat
-Spinning Top Hat
-Snow Wig
-Aria Clip
-Black Bunny Ears
-Big Sheep Head
-Big Cat Head
-Big Buffalo Head
-Big Dragon Head
-Roseus Head Piece
-Summer Maid Hairband
-May's Bunny Hat
-Primrose's Hoodie
-Portina's Headress
-Bopeep's Headdress
-Rachel's Beret
-Gateau Chapeau

Lust (I need your IGN!) - Tacky Hoodie

KawaiiShino - Tainted Bunny Wand
-BunBun Shield

PinkKiraKishou - Bunny Doll Shield
-Koto's Wing Hairpin

If we can't meet up in-game and the fuse is over 100m, you can mailtrade me the money and I will send you the fuse. If you don't trust me for whatever reason, then sorry.

Rosie Pastel
Kimono Gorgon
Petite Goomi
Kiyo & Kotos
Santa Mint

Nick's Lucky Hat
Flashire Hairpin
Wedding Hairpin(Rin)
Aestra Hairband
Soccer Cap
Kitsu's Ears
Traditional Bandana
Jan's bunny hat
Hyena Hairband
Diploma Hair Katusa

Crimson Shield Level 9
Crimson Sword Level 10
Crimson Sword Level 9
Crimson Gun LK 55
Crimson Gun LK 56
Crimson Ring DA 37, LK 38, 3s
Crimson Ring LK 38, 1 left in stock
Crimson Ring AC 45
Crimson Ring AC 39, 1 left in stock
Crimson Ring AC 40
Crimson Ring AC 44
Crimson Ring AP 637
Crimson Ring AP 648
Crimson Helmet Level 9 BROKENx2, 0 left
Thorny Rose Crown Level 8 BROKEN

Yukata Rachel
Weightlifter Warren
Lucky Spade K

Valentine Sword 2012
Sweat Drop Maskx2