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Originally Posted by Crimsonred
If you played the new singles mission bng, you'd know where all those zeta suits come from.
Oh I see. Yeah that makes sense since it's about entering the atmosphere.
Just when I thought there was gonna be an S Hyaku Shiki... (Shiki Kai doesn't count)

Harrison Martin's F91 looks sick; hopefully it's as good as he is considering he's the last good pilot of the crappy Federation in late UC.

Fullcloth's Muramasa has its beam emiters out, unlike the leak. Hopefully it's auite different in terms of gameplay...

SR Zabanya has Pistol Bits out and there are Rifle Bits are out in the hangar icon... Hm... I'm gonna take a stab at this.

Mode 1
w1 Melee
w2 Pistol Bits (double shot)
w3 Rifle Bits (funnel)

Mode 2
w1 Homing missiles
w2 Either V2AB style spread beam or S Qub/Kshatriya funnel beams
w3 Holster Bits Formation

Beargguy better slap someone with its recorder on its back.
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