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Wink Kanoka's random post of the day~ (Almost Daily!)

Note: Although this post's title implies that this is daily, it is not~
I will post up to 1 item day, but I might not post if I got nothing and/or too busy~

Today is Christmas (2012)!

And todays topic is on: Christmas Quizmo hunt 2012!

Quizmo's been a naughty boy. He went and broke some Birdmen Eggs! and now the Birdmen and VERY ANGRY!!!

Quizmo and his Accomplice Are on the run. Find Quizmo so he can be punished!
From the latest report, we can confirm that Quizmo is indeed using a disguise kit~

Once you have found the elusive quizmo, report his location, disguise, and accomplice to Kanoka (located in HQ [AKA paradise shop])

You will be rewarded~

Update: Quizmo has been caught! Congratulations LadyMarta!!!!

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