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Originally Posted by Rydia
You don't get guild coins from memos. Don't come in here trying to act all superior when you have no idea what you're talking about.

And in other news, the league ranks are gone now? But I still can't seem to make a new league battle?
I did not come here to post an annoying comment to make myself feel better/superior in anyways.
The point of my comment was that people should just stop complaining for what the GMs are releasing... Unless they really make it worst than it was before, then I guess you have an excuse... but isnt saying "New guild revamp made me wanna quit" isnt that a bit extreme? tbh, we got enough negative people in the TO community complaining about how the game is dying or complaining about the events blah blah blah, and that is how ladies and gents, that is how trickster really dies, because of those few who keep complaining!!

(Do you really think people who look at this game's forums would wanna play the game? Seeing all these people saying the game is bad/ or the game sucks)
tbh I do not think so.
I know this comment is a lil bit off topic, sorry for that!!
and btw, I made 2 noob guilds [] and [~**~]
doing a GvG does not seem to give me pts and league either!! While as when I look @ guild shop, they clearly state: Guild points are earned by GvG, but so many guilds who never GvG have coins... So something is wrong~ ^ Proves I clearly know what i am talking about thank you very much <3