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Originally Posted by Mazuiko
I just still think it's a completely ridiculous idea to force people into doing GvG for coins. I don't know what the community is like in kTO but I can safely say that our community isn't exactly all sunshine and lollipops when it comes to PvP/GvG, as we've seen from all the drama that unfolds... it just seems very silly.

A Myshop option for them would be good, but at the same time I'm sure it would completely elliminate the need for guild points at all, which would mean in the end we might as well have our old guild system back.

Personally I think just getting 1 coin per log in per member would be enough. Even if it was "abusable" and you got a guaranteed coin each time you log in, it would be better than this. :x Funnily enough the guild update is the exact thing that started to drive me away from this game.
Funny how everytime something comes out people complain and complain because its not the way THEY would like it to go. Just stop qqing and play the god dam game... If you dont like the GvG option then dont GvG and send memo's to the guild for guild points!! Seriously, this community just a bunch of lazy complaining people!! Weather you cant get coins or not, dont say the Guild revamp is bad... It might be bad but its still better than old one. LMS and stop qqing