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Originally Posted by Jehnz
So, you're telling me that if I have an untradeable myshop Lina pet. it is impossible to make it tradeable?
It is possible to make it tradeable IF it is fused with a tradeable pet. This means that only the image of Lina is retained, the stats will be gone.

Let's say my character is using the Sipheed Gun (Original, no fuse). Now if you look at me you will see that I am equipped with the gun.

Now when I try to fuse it with a Wood Gun:

Image item: Wood Gun
Stats Item: Silpheed Gun

Now if I equip the Silpheed Gun you will now see that my gun looks like a Wood Gun but in fact it is still a Silpheed Gun (Because the Silpheed Gun was used as the Stats Item). And because the Silpheed Gun was used as the Stats Item you cannot trade it since it is a Myshop item.

Now with this:

Image item: Silpheed Gun
Stats Item: Wood Gun

Now if you look at me you will see a Silpheed Gun but in fact it is a Wood Gun. Since I used the Wood Gun as the Stats Item, it can be traded.

Does it confuse you? Sorry if I can't explain it better.

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