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mikecxz will become famous soon enough

i can give you some personal recommendations that i enjoyed. keep in mind that if i added in PS1 games this list would probably be quite a bit larger.

The Third Birthday is nice if you've played the past parasite eve games.

Class of Heroes is a dungeon crawler if you're into that kind of thing.

Blazblue is a pretty awesome fighter series that actually has a somewhat decent story (compared to most other fighters atleast)

Crisis Core....i didn't really enjoy it all that much but it is a prequel so if you liked FFVII you could probably atleast enjoy the story. once again a personal opinion, a lot of people seems to like the combat system for the game but i just couldn't get into it.

Disgaea, i would actually be surprised if you haven't heard about this series but anyways, they're pretty fun SRPGs albeit a bit grindy.

Corpse Party, less game more visual novel i suppose but i did enjoy it quite a bit. not a game for the squeamish as there are quite a few different ways you're going to die and some of the pictures are just flat out disturbing or disgusting.

Gods Eater Burst, decent story even if i takes quite a while for it to pick up and a monster hunter type of system where you kill things collect material from them and use said material to make new equipment.

Half Minute Hero, the story is pretty out there but it is enjoyable never the less. each game mode may be fairly short but every single one offers completely different game play from the others keeping you interested even when you beat one of the modes. the stories are all intertwined i suppose and do come together eventually.

ZHP Unlosing Ranger vs Darkdeath Evilman, this game is pretty fun. it's a rouge like and the story is out there but it's enjoyable.