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I love PvP. I'm in there almost all day, everyday.

I'm usually too lazy to do anything else, besides daily CT.

It's what I love about every game I play, whether it be TO or any other video game, being able to compete against others. It's whats best about any game, in my opinion.

I always find myself asking the lower lv players, 130~160, for a duel against my lv 150 sheep because it's so fun to duel with her. Even though I get rejected 90% of the time...Anyone, please duel her qwq

Yes, I admit, at times I do like to bully, lol.
Only on my bunny though. I love just randomly FC people. It's so fun, lol.

One of the things that annoys me though, is when I randomly kill someone, whether it be on purpose or not, and they start whining how I killed them and stuff. I mean, come on, it's PvP, don't come in and not expect to be attacked/die. I realize I also tend to say that a lot,"What do you expect in pvp? If you're not prepared to die, no reason to be here"

Why would you complain that your virtual character died? No, not even died, your character fainted. It's much easier just to click the Restart button.

It's meant to be a fun place to challenge against other players, in my opinion.

I'm not one to hate, either. I don't care whether I die or not in pvp. I'm just not the type of person to get mad. I don't think I've ever been mad in pvp because someone killed me. I mean, if someone killed me randomly, I would come back and kill them to "take my kill back" or at least attempt to do so, lol. And when I do, I don't feel any anger towards it, but that's just me. I'm like the nicest person once you get to know me. C:

I don't KoS anyone, and I don't care if people KoS me.

Well, that's all I got to say...I guess, lol.