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(( Sorry, couldn't find anything better and with a lack of cursing. ))

Do these RIDICULOUS Tricksters know ANYTHING about GMs IN-GAME?!

I swear, it's like a curse for me to deal with people who clearly have NO idea how to differentiate a REAL GM and a FAKE GM. I WAS THERE THE FAKE GM WAS THERE! Did they speak with colored words? NO! Did they announce anything server-wide? NO!

IT WAS A FAKE GM! I wish I had screenies, but I wasn't thinking at the time. But there are other guildies who can attest to my claim and who have seen the GM themselves.

And yet... on the Trickster main forums, they claim it's the REAL GM WHO CAN BAN PEOPLE JUST FOR ABUSING A SKILL. Of course, that makes sense and of course, they're doing their job in order to fix the bug. However, it still bugs me to no end that the GM I SAW WAS A FAKE.

Someone punch those STUPID Tricksters in the FACE. or at least teach me how to hack so I can punch them myself Cause clearly they have not played ENOUGH GAMES to tell the difference between a real GM and a fake one.

I've played enough games to tell what is and what is NOT a GM. Want me to list them all in no particular order?

-Lost Saga
-Conquer Online
-Wonderland Online
-Zodiac Online
-Elsword Online
-La Tale
-Spirit Tales Online
-Fantasy Earth Zero
-Angels Online
-Myth Angels Online
-Private Server Ragnarok Online
-Tales Runner

Each game had a unique way to tell whether or not a person was a GM. Each game took their GM jobs seriously. Each game let the GMs talk in the most unique way possible!

Trickster Online is no exception! So why, then, are people so STUPID to realize what is and what is NOT in front of them? *double facepalms and slams head into the wall*

I swear, people these days are just kissing up to ANYBODY who claims to be a GM.

*sighs* ...I'm good now.

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