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Even though this is a ranting thread and you're allowed to speak out your mind, you STILL have to consider a few things.

- If you want to bash about your fellow guild members. DON'T

We are a sophisticated guild that has a desire to NOT deal with drama. So if you have problems with one another, either take it to the private messages or somewhere outside of guild activities because we will not tolerate any complications that can come and break down the guild.

- We all have opinions-- respect each other for them.

We all have our differences only because we believe in something that maybe others don't. If someone says something offensive in their rant, please don't point them out on it. Respect them and give them their right to speak their heart out.

- Some of us are willing to help-- just don't drag us into the mess

Even after people rant, there are those who are willing to help and give advice. The only thing we strongly suggest, though, is to NEVER drag people into drama that they have no part of. If advice is the only thing they can give, then respect their wishes and let them give you their advice.

- Advice is there for a reason... but it's still your choice.

Sometimes, there will be people who give you advice and it may appear helpful, but not beneficial to you. It's your choice whether or not you want to listen to such advice. If you gave advice, but the person isn't listening, don't take it as an offense. It is a person's choice whether or not they want to listen to you.

- Humbleness over pride is the more mature action

If you see a rant that starts bashing on you, don't post in the thread and say, "F*CK YOU TOO!" or anything near those lines. It'll cause drama. Note that if you DO see something like that, immediately tell yourself, "It's their opinion and I have no power to change it. This is not how I am-- I had no intentions of being this way to this person. etc." Pride is the one factor that leads to a guild collapse.

- Added rules will be posted in Light red

Because I know I probably missed something.

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