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Cool (J) Bank Clearance Part 1 /B/T> list

Hey guys!
This is my new selling thread.
Some items are fused and some not.
(the one that are fused will be dotted purple)

*Can provide Fuse flames / Books*
but at the moment im short of myshop points, so ill get 'em only in 2 more weeks. (-sorry!)
**If u can provide flame/book i will reduce the price by 50m ^^**
P.s. there is small list of items i want to buy, so i can trade my stuff that i put on sale to be able to get the stuff from the buying list.
Im mostly on my fox (iSayurie) / bunny (iRozalyn) so if there is anything you want to buy / trade i will be on them, /Or, you can pm in via mail ingame or PM in ggftw.
whatever you like.

And one more thing,
merry christmas
Selling list

Spider ribbon - 50m
Sassy shades - 100m
Noxx wig - 100m
Rudolph's ear muffs' skin - 50m x 3

Canna headband form - 50m x 3
Young hawk - 15m (tradeable/fused)
Poppuri GM hairclip 100 - 15m
Strawberry hat - 10m x 2
Maid headband - 80m

Thomas' valentine hat - 5m
Poppurisia hat 50 - 5m
Heart hat form - 15m
Skull hat form - 100m
Chr. Blossom Bunch acc - 150m
Humorous hat - 50m
Affection hat - 50m
Happy hat - 50m
Poppuri mask - 20m
Sandman's hard hat - 100m
Nyxx hat - 80m
Easters warrior cowl hat - 150m x 2

Mushroom cap - 100m x 3
Tribal headdress - 50m
Coronet of gallantry - 50m
x 3
Weddint hat - 100m
Marie elles helmet - 100m
Keeper rachel beret - 200m x 2

Buying list
I want to buy those items.
And if anyone sells it, and wish to buy something from my thread, i will to trade with that person for the items. :3~
*i can trade multiply items (2-5) for that one item that i wish to buy*
/Or you can offer me the prices and reverse me those items.
-my igns in my signature-

*Its really long list and once ill be back home by friday you will see the pets/ shields / Swords / staff / Head/face accessories/ capes list**