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I agree, the events on SEA are much better than those in TW(at least when i played)lots of free cash,coins and S rank plans and some cool unreleased units are easy to get, and there are always players on the server in pvp rooms(at least for my timezone), also after the jammer ban wave you can do expert missions without jammers so its playable imo.
Didin't play NA tho, because of stupid IP ban and if in Europe ogp will release sdgo i don't think i will play it. I heard too much bad things about ogp and played few released in EU where i was IP banned even tho im from EU(like 6-7 other european countries for like a month).
About the X-mas event i see that HK and KR events are much better(most likely because we don't have sr ranks yet) but im fine with the Casval gundam and shin zaku II from sea event.
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