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Hey everyone my name is Jimmy

Soo... where to start.. lol.
I've played TO since beta but quit around 2009 because I got banned for account sharing... RIP (MrSushi-2) AT that time I was the highest lvl dark lord.

So now I'm back, excited and ready to play again. I joined this guild because I met some of the members in-game and they seemed pretty awesome so I'm excited to get to know everyone and get back into my TO days again.

A little more about myself:

Ethnicity: Vietnamese/French

Location: South Carolina, Originally from Hawaii.

Birthday: 10/21/1990

What Am i Doing with my life: Currently attending the University of South Carolina for my undergraduate degree in Biomedical Engineering (almost DONE!!). After that I'm hopefully planning to go to dental school. I've been quite busy with that so I haven't had much time for any types of MMORPG's and usually stuck to my xbox for entertainment.

Hobbies: Cars, driving, studying, gaming, music, mary j, basketball, bowling, drinking of course.

Reason why I came back: I love TO since it first came out in beta and when I was 16 years old lol there's no other MMORPG i'd rather play honestly.

Yeah so that's it, I'm a nice guy, friendly and chill. Hit me up in game.