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Originally Posted by Kenshiro
They're giving away SF/IJ/Master Fuunsaiki Plans, One FREE SR of your choice, 200k G points and some other stuff just by playing 7 pvp a day until Jan 15 2013.
Wow that's pretty generous of the lameone I kept hearing about.

KR's not too shabby either, there's a ton of events that I didn't translate are coming up and we get a free SR rank too.

TW and NA? Screw buying X'mas presents for friends and families, spend on gyandamus! CN is 24/7 spend cash so nothing changes, JP is that bastard child that no one likes, and SEA is the mentally challenged one. Just sitting there in the corner.

Originally Posted by Reva
not that I'm arguing, but I can communicate in chinese quite fine. Even if I didn't, they don't care about outside peeps in TW and you don't get banned from it (KR = ban though as we all know).

low level in NA is STILL low level in clan wars I would think. It's like trampling over a bunch of 2 yo kids when you were in grade 6.

And I don't see anyone anymore, from my point of view to be more exact.

Maybe I should go on NA also.........

gonna stop derailing the thread, gl to box buyers.
Hey Reva, I hop between KR, NA, and TW all the time. Get on msn sometime and I'll give you the details. (Or I'll just pm you here.)
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