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I suppose that you have done fast track on this character. Based on that, you should refine, compound and temper the fast track set (don't waste points with level 130 equipments). If you are going to buy myshop, spend it on level 150 or 170 special sets (with pet), head and masks.
When done your set, u must buy a rainbow pendant and try to provide a blood pendant (if you have friends who can lend u the set, or if u have it).

Another option is to buy points and sell it in-game with a 50m/1k (at least) rate. With this money you'll be able to buy some altiverses or powerfuls. **I would do it, but don't forget the pet, they're hardest part to get.

Cape? Depending on your current money, you could buy a butterfly cape or a poppuri leaf one.

EDIT: in your level LK is not that necessary though is important to block and crit. damage
-forgot the vest -> look for a gmv, it's price is around 30m, a 2nd anniv vest (don't know price) or a pop shadow vest. Both can be compounded with MA or LK
**Altiverse Spiritual Set or Twist Set <<

Any doubts? Ask me. I'm not very good with explanations but I tried to help.
See you, good luck!

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