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Actually I do enjoy pvp sometimes, and most time i go there with my friends. But I hate when there's people randomly came and kill you and left words like "noob". It annoys me as well when I pvped with my friends, random charactor came and keep hitting my friend or me(whatever he could kill me or not). Now when I think about that, I feel like he was just being naughty, but I wasn't in a good mood so.... One time I was in pvp room waiting for my friends and then a lion came( lv 100+ to 200), he asked me where's other people, i went "iunno, brb" and grab my bowl on the table to have my soup, i was beside my laptop so i saw this dude trying hitting on me when i was with no buff, only standing there, and then he hit 2 times again, after that he hit me more and more, several times later he killed me and left. I was pretty sure I could KO him with one hit, but i thought he was just testing until he killed me. I won't say his name but i could tell a lot of people found him annoying when he was wordy and kept asking people for equips(As a stranger who he got talk to the first time, he asked him for unique to get acc). Not all people are like him though TO does have jexks. However where else doesn't? So what's the point of removing PVP? maybe we should remove human race LOL

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