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Sister's birthday was today, my mom and I brought some food in to school for her. Before we were able to really do anything, the middle school secretary demanded us to sign in with a very hostile tone.

Since my sister's in high school, had to sign in at the high school office which we were going to when another guy demanded that we sign in even though we were about half way to the office.

The guy told the school's officer to escort us to the office which wasn't a problem, the officer even lightly joked about it saying that "her birthday had bad timing" trying to ease the tension a bit.

I understand why the staff was really adamant about us signing in due to recent events but being hostile to guests just dropping off cookies and fast food for a student that goes there seems to be going a bit overboard on security.

Funny thing about it was the janitor, high school secretary, and officer were the only ones that didn't act like we were criminals for just walking into the school and were actually somewhat friendly.

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