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Originally Posted by Vartio
On this, for $40 I got:
50,000 points (roughly)
SS-Rank (00R) (~400 Astros worth based on other units for purchase)
S-Rank (Awakubeley) (~270 Astros worth)
12 Level Protects
Numerous Premiums Teleports
Numerous less impressive items
On TW, I got:

S Qubeley (3200 Points)
4/5 mats for 00R (Free)
>50,000 Points (<$15)
Tons of items I don't care about (<$15, same event as 50k G)

If I wasn't IP Banned, I would have had 00 from the pvp event too. That makes roughly the exact same stuff you do, for little more than 1/3 the price.

I'm not sure what point you're trying to get at, no offense.