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Originally Posted by Niata
Your account got restricted for some reasons.
Had this problem on my second account too a few months ago. Reasons are still unknown for me.

Send an 1:1 or a mail to accountadmin with all user-information they need and wait for more info >:
Or sometimes it helps just to wait a few days, and you can login again without any problems.
That's what i thought. A month ago i wasn't able to login in the site (7767 error), then i sent them an email. They asked me for some info and then i sent them. When i tried to login in game a few days ago, i wasn't able to. I sent them another email asking why this happened. I play trickster since 2006, but in 2009 i've stopped. This error came when i got back this month. I've seen some people saying this is happening with their mules, but it happened with my main. Anyway, i'll just wait for their answer.