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Originally Posted by Vartio
Last I heard on TW they Direct-Sell SS-Ranks for the equivalent of $50.

On this, for $40 I got:

50,000 points (roughly)
SS-Rank (00R) (~400 Astros worth based on other units for purchase)
S-Rank (Awakubeley) (~270 Astros worth)
12 Level Protects
Numerous Premiums Teleports
Numerous less impressive items

Considering the rewards I'm quite happy with the money input. You guys forget 00R/Awakubeley aren't the only 2 prizes in there. They're the main prizes. It isn't -worth- exactly 800 astros worth total, but it was damn close and worth it in the overall picture of things.

Last I checked aren't most of those games you speak of Old titles or random indy games made for a quick buck? And no I don't mean teh Steam Specials.

You also forget people who've spent $50 end up with USUALLY (70-80% of these players) at LEAST one Awakubeley and AT LEAST one 00 Raiser.
So what ? There coulda been people who spent way more than that just for one Raiser . TW at least makes it a 100% get . And since those boxes are 100% random . There coulda been people who got nothing but useless things . Nobody cares about what you got . And what makes you so sure that 70-80% of the players even got those ?
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