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As much as people bash dagger using works very well. Wind magic has nice reach allowing you to deal damage until the mob gets close to you. From there you can use dagger skills to do final touches or if need be move. The ability to JAS/Air Skill allows you to be more mobile and take less hits while still keeping up your dmg. The damage might not be high per hit, but over all I would much rather have survivability than higher damage.

People are too fixated on "Pure/Cookie Cutter Builds ", "Magic users should only ever use magic and nothing else". and "Magic uses should always have healing." I understand going hybrid means that you won't be able to get the skills lower down in the tree, but going pure/cookie cutter takes away from possible uniqueness of players and potential builds that could be great. Its all about the cookie cutters now and days in games. Guess what I'm trying to say is, where theres a will, theres a way. People always find ways to make things work (and I'm sure i seen videos of Wind Dagger uses from wide range of levels doing very well somewhere...).

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