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Alright, I only just saw this thread so bear with me.

Anyway, a few weeks ago or so, XMelinaX (SnowBerry@ggFTW) and I were at Swamp Mine. After a few runs of doing the Party Quest, a sheep (not naming names, sorry~) entered with about three other characters which had the little ducky icon next to their character. They were obviously below level 31 since they wore a ducky icon. Snowie and I were curious as to what the sheep was even doing with the three mules. The mules seemed to be leveling up after every run. A few days had passed and Snowie and I saw the sheep again, this time in Cherry Blossom after an O/X quiz. We both then confronted the sheep and asked a few questions but s/he chose to not tell us anything at all as s/he felt as if we'd abuse the glitch for ourselves or we'd report her/him.

Snowie and I tried to figure out what the sheep had been doing, he would go on his fox and use the skill 'hide' to figure out what s/he was doing. When I was offline, he told me how caught the sheep abusing the glitch with another player who happened to be a pretty well-known scammer. ~More suspense as we still didn't know how it worked.

A week ago, I decided to level my sheep up as I thought it might prevent me from wanting to leave this game. My sheep was level 185 at the time and I decided to do the Swamp Mine PQ. One of my AFKers tried something... The glitch. She said that her friend told her how to do it. I asked her if her friend was the sheep that Snowie and I had caught. It was.

I now know how the glitch works since the AFKer pretty much told everyone in the party how it worked. I'll be completely honest with you all and I did try it once, to see if it worked and it did. I kind of freaked out and went all whoa *logs out on mule* since

a) I had no intentions of actually abusing
b) I didn't think it would work in Desert Beach Mine...

(As some of you may know, I'm a really really reaaaaaaaaaaaaaally lazy person too LOL ./cough..)

Anyway, I then told Snowie that I knew what the sheep was doing and he wasn't really interested in how it all worked out but him and his friend reported this whole glitch abusing issue so I guess SGI decided to look into it.

I never thought that Gift Boxes would ever become un-tradable. Ever. I used to level little mules to level 40 when ever I recharged my Driller Girl since I could get from 1~40 with in minutes as I could just AFK drill for quest items and hunt for the remaining items I need. I have a bunch of Paradise Quest items in my storage because of that. I get too lazy to level up to 50 for the extra Level Up Gift Box, though.

See, there are some people who work for these gift boxes and I knew some of them. It's sad to see that people actually abused the glitch just to earn some money but I guess those people are probably the ones who have no access to MyShop at all since they don't have a debit/credit card and none of the MS cards sell around their area OR simply because of either money or 7767 issues. ~istillhas7767onmainaccountpls

Hmm.. I would say that I'm a semi-frequent customer when it comes to buying MS so I guess I don't really have the need of making money by abusing such glitches. I own a Kitty Earring so I don't need to buy the boxes which contain sprints and I don't buy the other gift boxes for Nates &etc. since my compounds always fail anyway so there's no point in trying again. ./Pessimistmodeactif8d..
On the other hand, others have no other way in making fast money so they'd do anything to get fast money; I don't mean scamming, though abusing and scamming are pretty much both as bad as each other in some cases but I mean abusing the glitch to get boxes for moolah..

Even if these sellers may have abused a glitch to get such boxes, they still have to work to actually get them? and if there weren't any abusers, most of you buyers wouldn't even have any boxes to purchase in the first place unless someone actually manually farms for gift boxes every day by leveling every little noobie of theirs to level 50 but honestly, I think they'd gradually get bored of it. We don't know who abuses these glitches so we won't know who we're buying from but we need those gift boxes. These boxes play a big part in keeping this game alive. In Jewelia, you could make 20mil or so for just one Level Up Gift Box and about 10-15mil for a box containing a spirnt or booster. That's pretty neat &sweet for those who don't buy/sell MS.

Anyway, I don't think SGI is handling this very well either. I don't think they should punish everyone else because of a few people who chose to abuse this glitch. How hard could fixing this glitch actually be? Making gift boxes non-tradeable is a maaahooooosiiveee mistake. I don't actually buy gift boxes myself or even sell them any more but it's the only way some people can even make money...

SGI have seriously just killed their own game. Hello GameGuard and now Bye Bye Boxes? What is this....

++Reason to quit pls


Dear SGI,

Since these boxes may become un-tradeable, I have a question.

What about the Chaos Feathers these abusers acquire after every round?

Abusers will still be able to sell these feathers off too. Just fix the glitch pelase instead of making these boxes untradable and please do not have second thoughts of actually making Chaos Feathers un-tradeable unless you really want to kill your game even more.

Yours sincerely,