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wwwoooooowww...I just read the people comment and it seem some people can actually understand the idea of why SGI did this.

I'm not even gonna explain but I am going to say that alot of you guys that in the Forum right now are sure pretty ungrateful and I think the players that in Trickster that think the SGI don't give a dam. <removed>

<removed>. you guys are letting your Anger and depression cloud you Judgement.
the so call glitch/bug as been going on since what ? 3 years ? this has been happening for more then 3 years, they didn't want to do anything at 1st but now it just getting out of hand as more and more abusers and scammers or just pretty much everybody been doing it so.

hell, I would have definitely done this to and I an't gonna lie about it ether.

it not about being NICE, it about taking ADVANTAGE of the situation and these guys took it but at the same time you must be careful about it to.

very clever these abusers are . I like that.


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