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k sooooo...
I was buying lately Lv. Ups, Really didn't hear about a single glitch O.O.
I'm a bit disappointed, This sure is going to make items harder to make good, I can't imagine people quitting because they can't get no more boosters, nates, elixirs and repairs. (Sprints... hmmmmaybe? Good thing I have a kitty sprint ). . .
Well I'm not very negative about it, though they really found some resolve for the PQ glitch.. as people said earlier :< this is going to resolve nothing.
Maybe it'll also make these plvls go lower, I think they're really overpriced, 130m/hour (Not saying this as a buyer, I have a sheep I can plvl with, thouuuuuuuuugh I'm too lazy)
Well dunno what to say about this. It does seem as if they're trying to kill this game, they're lookin at the forums here, arent they? Even if not, they can't be as ignorant as this looking at all this last year.. Super communication decrease. Yesyes more money for gg (Or less?)

SG************************************************ ********************************

Originally Posted by kanacss
Because they are SGi buddy. They don't do anything they should. That's why everybody's pissed off, welcome to the crew.
The word SGi says everything, doesnt it.
Btw woooooonderin, does kTO turns as bad as this too? (Not talking particaular about this boxes untradeable update..)

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