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Originally Posted by Blizt
The setup I used back then to do the Keeper of Rainbow stage was indeed laughable, but with Loki as my sub-leader and two of my Dark monster with orb converting skills, clearing the first 3 stages wasn't that hard, I also had the Fire Healer which could let me stall 3 more turns if something had gone bad.
That's great strategy. I don't have any echidna to stall the turns.

I am thinking of going in with
Leader: Loki
Sub: Dark resist dragon, water toy dragon, mermaid 2nd stage, vamp lord
Helper: G. Odin.

Total HP would be around 6k, hence, I need to heal 4k+ within 5 turns, with Rainbow Keeper having 1mil HP, I hope it's doable.

Side question, clearing stages that have red/blue keeper shouldn't be as difficult right with the same setup?