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Originally Posted by Macown
Except that I haven't played on a foreign server in almost a full year.

I've played on the NA server, their are rarely any dm rooms that are unlocked in the ex chan not mention it sometimes fails to even have a full page of rooms.

The server still has lots of issues with some suits not being able to special at all without getting stuck.

The community complains about the shitty job OGP is doing, so they decide to make an event that make the idiots who boycotted the game go out and spend more money on the game.

Instead OGP should of did an event where they gave rolls for a special gashapon. Rolls being based on X amount of astros you have spent since the game came out.
Ever check a peak hour?

The community, yes they we're upset, but your telling the half truth. They (Vartio mainly) we're upset at THE DAMN RAFFLES (which OGP recognized and GM Droid ? I think said that they know they went overboard on the raffles). In any case, if you've check recently (which I'm sure you have, but you're simply neglecting the fact) they like what OGP has done with the X-MAS event.

Onto the more simpler issues...

I also haven't been SP stuck in a LONG, LONG, LOOOONG time on that server man. And I have 1 MBPS. No joke.

Full page of channels?

There were 3 pages, but I saw this argument too late, and the peak hours are almost done.

They also took out ZOA to the point where it's NON-EXISTENT. I got ZOA'd for the first time in 2 months back in mid-Nov because LOWKURA did some strange trick or w/e....(before you say "You can't go on your own experiences, lets go back to the forums. When was the last time somebody complained about ZOA?).

And as for the X-MAS event... the GM's CONFIRMED that the month's events and patch notes are prepared waaaaaayyyyy ahead of time
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