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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a
I thought your healer is Siren. So she's actually only a stage 2 mermaid. My bad.

Rainbow Keeper deals only 22200dmg. That's 4440 damage when reduced with Odin.

If she is not a siren, then you should just go for the Loki set up.

Loki + Mermaid + Toy Dragon + Vampire Lord + Dark Resist + Odin should do it.

If you want to do resolve, then just use a resolve leader and stuff in as much firepower as you can into the team. Probably Titan + Loki + Vamp Lord + Dark Resist + Mermaid + friend's Siren.

It's all up to you, I guess. Personally, I don't think 4440 is that hard with Loki, mermaid and water toy dragon. But of course, it will be much safer to do resolve teams.

Which would be a safer alternative? Team Loki or Team resolve? Are there monsters that will hit on the same turns?