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Originally Posted by Zay
Yes I'm buying once again ._. Buying at a rate of 50m/1k and looking for:

Pangya Special Box 220 - 3.4k/170m
Repair Powdersx9 - 4.5k/225m
290 Stones (HP, AP, AC, HV) - 1.8k/90m
Gacha Coins 10+1 - 10k/500m
Gacha Coins 20+3 - 20k/1b

Mostly looking for Pangya boxes till I get the head accessoryx2 then a ton of repair powders after that. Giftfirst/payfirst depends on our iTraders. I am mostly on Zaylia or Daemyn but please leave a message here first since I probably won't see it in-game. Thanks!
MMm i can sell you:
Pangya special box 220.
Gacha coins 10+1
Just pm me in game and ill check my myshop amount. xp
Kiwiee / iSayurie / iRozalyn.
im on right now. :3