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Guild: Smelly Bedlam

Wintersday TL;DR Notes shamelessly ripped from Reddit

Main Event: Toypocalypse
  • A new scaling 5 man instanced event accessed via the golem airship. Each city will have content relevant to the home race and content will build as Tixx flies over each home town.
  • The event is aimed at a 30 minute completion time.
  • This 5 man instance event is a Horde mode meets tower defense minigame.
  • Each instance above a hometown will reward a blueprint relevant to that race.
  • After completion of the events, you can craft a unique toy (No word on crafting limits or tradability at this stage)
  • Any previous city dungeon is available once the airship arrives in Lions Arch at the end of the event period.
  • Visit Tixx at least once after he arrives at his final destination to receive your holiday collectible item.
  • An auto grouping system (not clear yet) is available for the Tixx 5 player instance.
Misc PVE
  • All wintersday daily events are on a 24 hour completion timer once activated.
  • Mini events will be similar to trick-or-treat doors of Halloween, except in the fashion of Present boxes around the world.
  • 275 new crafting recipes, these are not all wintersday related.
  • Wintersday themed chests in Black Lion Trading Company.
  • Build snowmen around the world much like pumpkin carving during Halloween.
  • Tixx will drop presents from the sky when he flies around Tyria
  • Plans and materials can be obtained in said drops.
  • Jumping puzzle: Winter wonderland Jumping puzzle (frostbite debuff timed mechanic)
  • PvP Minigame: Snowball mayhem capture the flag pvp game (3 skillbar classes - Scout, Heavy, Support)
  • Activity: Bell choir rockband style 3 player per team mini game at the Lions Arch Snowglobe. (3v3 music battle?)
  • No new holiday themed resource nodes added. All items for holiday crafting are obtained via events/instances/activities.
WvW and PvP:
  • Siege weapons will be wintersday themed.
  • Holiday finishers are available.

Gem Store
  • Plush Griffon : 350 Gems
  • Toy Golem: 350 Gems
  • Princess Doll: 350 Gems
  • Toy Soldier: 350 Gems
  • Toy ventari: 350 Gems
  • Festive Hat: 150 Gems
  • Holiday Ear Muffs: Free
  • Fancy Winter Outfit: 700 Gems
Winter Weapon Skins:
  • Needle, Cutter, Reach, Shelter: 500 Gems a piece
  • Wintersday Black Lion Chest: 1/100 Gems, 10/800 Gems

Sources: Guild Wars 2's Wintersday content primer | Massively
Guild Wars 2 (GW2) Previews: Wintersday is Coming -
Wintersday Preview | Guild Wars 2 Hub
Guild Wars 2 Wintersday Guide, Strategy, Tips, and Tutorials
In other news, the account restoration system launched a few days ago.

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