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Originally Posted by zgmfx19a

That is truly inspirational!

This is the current team that I have:

Siren is still in training, Shardran has Fire Orb -> Heal Orb maxed (5 turns cooldown)

And here is my monster box (Monsters below are generally evo/plant cards and a few low levelled element resist dragons 1st stage):

I haven't tried running the Rainbow Keeper dungeon, but I've read most of the contents in this thread regarding the Rainbow Keeper. And big kudos to Blizt for making it through the dungeon and scoring a keeper! And in the US server, the rates are really bad and from what I understand, it's a 25% drop for the Rainbow Keeper. And we don't have the FF Rainbow Crystals since the server in US did not colab with Square Enix and is at version 4.21.

Back to the question, based on my team, what is the minimum requirement to survive and finish the dungeon? I really want to score a Rainbow Keeper and a Dark Keeper.

While waiting for Tuesday, I'll be farming for a Succubus, hopefully a drop before Tuesday! I've had 2 mermaid drops from Cave of Siren, not sure about Succubus.

I have helpers that should be helpful listed below:
Siren The Enchanter (3x RCV heal per match)
Blue Odin (2.5x attack for God types, and 20x Light Attack Skill)
Green Odin (80% Damage Reduc. @ Full health)
Vampire Lord (2x dark attack)

I have a Titan that I can set for the Resolve leader skill.

Many thanks!

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