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I've found this guide very helpful, and its a pity that the original owner doesnt seem to be updating this much, however I can give a few tips here and there.

As of now I have a level 79, 1432 MA:LK Hybrid Bard, just means I'm distributing my points 2MA:2LK. It helps set up for a high amount of LK by the time you learn Whirlwind Blaze. Granted at the beginning your power may be severely lacking as you can only use Mana Arrow or Ring (Though I suggest you learn mana arrow as your offensive spell and mana ring later on in later levels) and the lack of MA can be stifling.

If you do happen to follow my build, then it may be good to put all your stat points into MA for the first beginning levels and then start putting it into LK later on to balance it out and continue with a 2MA:2LK. Going with this stat distribution was a well thought out decision, I had compared the damage between Whirlwind Blaze and Cleaving Terra if I had gone though different stat builds i.e. 4MA, 3MA:1LK and 2MA:2LK.

The damage and luck difference between a 4MA, 3MA:1LK and 2MA:2LK for a level 100 Sheep (w/o equips) are:
Whirlwind Blaze: 1950
-w/Mist of Mana: 3666
Cleaving Terra: 1665
-w/Mist of Mana: 2655
Luck: 18

Whirlwind Blaze: 1716
-w/Mist of Mana: 3315
Cleaving Terra: 1530
-w/Mist of Mana: 2452
Luck: 24

Whirlwind Blaze: 1482
-w/Mist of Mana: 3003
Cleaving Terra: 1395
-w/Mist of Mana: 2272
Luck: 30

So as you can see, the damage difference between a 4MA and a 2MA:2LK isnt all that big (over 600 at best) and the luck difference is somewhat a large amount considering that LK is an important stat for magic types (it being how accurate your spells are and also how often you critical). However, that isnt to say that the damage difference are something to scoff at, after all, there have been times where I wish I had that little bit extra to OHKO a monster, but at the same time I may be missing a lot more if I didnt have that luck. Granted I didn't do a comparsion if one were to put their points into 1MA:3LK and 4LK but doing so would be best (in my opinion) if the build was 1441 where you can get the most out of your luck.

It is indeed an eternal debate as to which elemental spell to learn once you hit that magical TM55. I eventually opted for Whirlwind Blaze and I haven't really regretted that decision. I havent learned Arrow Rush as I got this, but if you continue to work towards it after you learn (and perhaps master) Whirlwind Blaze, then your fire power will be significantly stronger, being able to take down Laki's at Teichichi Field 1 with relative ease, where hopefully you dont get hit haha. Seriously, if you do take on Whirlwind Blaze without learning Arrow Rush, then learn Arrow Rush after you learn Blaze... or vice versa because I feel that to properly use Cleaving Terra, you need to master it asap mainly because of its dreadfully long cast times at the beginning levels.

If you guys are curious, then this is how my skill build went
Mana Arrow
Invincible Casting
Mana Arrow Level 5
Cure Level 10
Bottle of Mana
Mana Arrow Level 10
Mist of Mana Mastered
Seal of Fire
Whirlwind Blaze Mastered
Cure Mastered
Seal of Earth
Cleaving Terra Level 2

Use this as a general guideline if you wish, though only follow it loosely as I have made a few mistakes here and there. I hope my help as been of assistance to readers of this wonderful guide and happy burning and quaking! MUHAHAHAHAHHAHA AHHAHAHAHAHAHA