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Originally Posted by BoredomKillz

the 4th job skills are shown 8D
::: 흥미롭고 놀라운 이야기, '라테일(LaTale)' :::

niconico site for those that have one (its better than the above link cause not laggy xD)
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kind of like the second sword skill but overall id have to say spear is much sexier x]

when i saw it i was like wow thats cool! (even though i think its really similar to saints 5th tier >.>) and then laughed when they only got one skill xD

i always think mace skills get weirder and weirder >.> but that whirlwind thing is nice. sword on the other hand has always looked cool, that angel is hot 8D

first one was eh. second one was LOL xD SHOYRUKEN!! the last one is pretty cool as well

earth punch was kind of cool and omg that mole thing is soooooooooo freaky
fire hydrant for water is >.> but that second ice skill was sexy
wind and fire skills are both nice 8D although second wind is like the third wind skill lol and first fire is like the fourth tier fire skill

pop n star
was just wow.....i mean woooooooooooooooow no words xD

wind stalker
both dagger skills are so sexy qq even more reason to switch over to dagger after season 2 lol
xbow was ok not that flashy but still kind of cool
first bow was just plain lame >.> but second bow skill was pretty cool (reverse genocide arrow lol)

first one was just that one xbow skill >.> and second one was the RW mine without having to activate it! so kinda lame tbh xD

OMG LOL gundaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaams all cool, especially that last one xD

soulless one
all of hers are pretty cool x] i like them lol

they also each got new icons! i like them all, except pop n star. i think that one is ugly >.>

story taken from hories blog /o/

A drift city that flitting around the sky ocean.
This is a ruin place that are assimilated with natural environment, with no human trace for many years.
Cover with flower and moss bring us the feeling of powerful sense.

What is the secret of powerful strength that brings up the ruin of drifted city many thousands year
What did happen to make this place ruined
and who made this happen occurs, more and more curious expand...

However, there are 10 heroes appear to discover the secret behind the ruined drift city!

Some powerful strength bring the heroes together, and an unexpect bad ending.
To reveal the secret behind the power that ruined the drift city many thousand years.
Heroes journy has just begun.
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