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Need money, as usual.
This if for Jewelia world.
Everything is negotiable!
(I'm sorry these stuff might be all without order, I'm doing this by my characters D8)
Lightning Sword - 40m.
Dark Wind Sword - 180m.
Choco Strawberry Staff - 100m.
Tau's Lily - 150m.
Nyxx Horns - 150m.
Halloween Helmet (2008 Gacha, Not event.) - 160m.
Noxx Horns - 120m.
Mercury Hat - 45m.
Big Spicy Head - 90m.
Boxer Bunny On Top - 90m.
Danihen's Chapeau - 60m.
Neptune Crown - 70m.
Santa Karu Hat - 65m.
Shamrock Hairband - 170m.
Bloodless Buckler - 60m.
Classic Red Shield - 130m.
Blue Sunglasses - 750m.
Strawberry Glasses - 320m.
Seliph - 160m.
Formal Louie - 120m.
Janitor Pavane - 280m.
Halloween Trick & Treat Girl - 280m.
Dark Nyxx - 450m.
Komachi - 210m.
Continue continue continue V V V