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Default SDGO SEA December Patch Notes

Trinity Force Patch Details

Dear Pilots,

The details of Game Update for SD Gundam Capsule Fighter Online: Trinity Force are as follows

New PvP Maps

Operation P.
Secret Factory

New Missions

Star Falling in Space - Defend the Archangel to descend through atmosphere!

New Capsule Machines No. 50, 51 and 52

Capsule Machine No. 50 - 1600 Game Points or 3 CM Coins

Gundam Exia (Seven Swords)
0 Gundam
AEU Enact
Union Realdo
GM Cannon II (CU)
Slash Zaku Warrior

Capsule Machine No. 51 - 14800 Game Points or 20 CM Coins

Gundam Maxter
Gundam Rose
Dragon Gundam
Bolt Gundam
Gundam Exia
Gundam Virtue

Capsule Machine No. 52 - 1600 Game Points or 3 CM Coins

GN-X (Daryl Dodge Custom)
AEU Hellion
Union Realdo (Taribia Color)
Tieren Ground Type
Union Flag (CU)

New Item Capsule Machine - 12800 Game Points or 8 CM Coins

3 S Rank Units: Akatsuki Gundam (Oowashi), Wing Gundam Zero (EW) and Crossbone Gundam X-1
Unreleased A Rank - Abyss Gundam
Unreleased B Rank - Dahgi Iris
Unreleased C Rank - Murasame
S Rank Unit Plans - Full Armor ZZ Gundam Unit Plan and The O (Awaken Mode) Unit Plan
Level Protector 1, 3, 5 or 10 units
EXP Pack 200 (Full) 3, 5, 10 or 20 units
EXP Pack 1000 (Full) 1, 3, 5 or 10 units
Game Points

New Items Added

Kong Ming Re-GZ, Sima Yi Sazabi and Zhou Yu Hyakushiki are available for purchase.
Sale of S Rank Units will be available later.

New Quest Added

Quest No 1 - S Rank Unit Assignment I

Class - Private
Reward - 3000 Game Points
Quest No 1 - S Rank Unit Assignment III

Class - Sergeant
Reward - 2000 Game Points
M 02. Defend the Shuttle Launch Pad (3)

Class - Lance Sergeant
Reward - Astray Red Frame "Powered Red" Unit Plan x1
M 06. BuCUE from Desert (Expert)

Class - Lance Sergeant
Reward - GP-01FB "Zephyranthes"
M 07. Surround by Battleships (Expert)

Class - Lance Sergeant
Reward - Jadg Doga
M 01. Destroy the Psycho Gundams (1)

Class - Sergeant Major
Reward - Dummy x5
M 01. Destroy the Psycho Gundams (2)

Class - Sergeant Major
Reward - E.F.S.F. Sticker x1
M 01. Destroy the Psycho Gundams (3)

Class - Sergeant Major
Reward - Mass Production Qubeley (Active Cannon) Unit Plan x1

Xmas Giftbox

Stand a chance to win exclusive Event Mobile Suites or unreleased unit plans and stickers when you open the Xmas Giftbox obtained upon completion of PVP or Co-op Mission during specific timing and date (to be announced)

Rewards available in the Xmas Giftbox include

Gundam +B Parts
Gundam (Beam Javelin)
Gundam (Casval Custom)
Gundam Kyrios (Tail Unit)
Rose Gundam (Super Mode)
Santa Hat Haro 2 Sticker
Originally Posted by Spend And Achieve December
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gay as hell event
not bad, still lacking clans for some odd reason, but oh well

edit: updated with SnA and other events.

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