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IGN: Zaylia
Class: Sheeeeep to_sheep
Level: 3xx
Guild: Révolution


Rate is 50m/1k. I can add galder to the trade if it's not equal but I expect the same for the otherside as well. Payfirst/giftfirst depends on our iTraders.

-Pangya Special Box 220 - 3.4k/170m
-Repair Powdersx9 - 4.5k/225m
-290 Stones (HP, AP, AC, HV) - 1.8k/90m
-Gacha Coins 10+1 - 10k/500m
-Gacha Coins 20+3 - 20k/1b

I'll only provide books/flames for items with stars.

-Chivalrous Vanessa* - 2b+
-Yukata Rachel - 350m
-Scholar Andrew - 150m
-Scholar Sharon - 150m
-Soulful Xeno - 150m
-Lyr - 150m
-Weightlifter Warren - 150m
-Gymnast Warrn - 150m
-Magician Ahzi - 200m
-Shrewed Guardian Robin - 300m
-Whephisto - 200m
-Lucky Spade K - 200m
-Baby Driller Boy - 300m

-Black Nagging Helmet* - 2b+
-Wind Spirit Hat* - 2b+
-Purple Generous Helm* - 300m
-Mary's Hat - 100m
-Orchid Hat - 100m
-Dark Nyxx Hat - 120m

-Dark Nyxx Plushie - 80m
-Starweb Shield - 80m
-Bamboo Basket Shield - 200m
-Neureus Shield - 400m
-Solar Shield (NOT JR) - 350m

-Dark Noxx Sword - 80m
-Sylvia Hairbrush - 80m
-Red Crab Staff - 100m
-Red Crab Dagger - 100m
-Red Crab Gun - 100m
-Philosopher's Staff - 80m
-Happiness Bell Rod - 150m
-Elencia Sword - 80m
-Tiger Staff - 150m
-Tiger Hammer - 150m
-2011 New Year Hammer - 100m
-2011 New Year Staff - 100m
-Tacky Sword - 100m
-Skull Sword (Event) - 200m
-Elephant Sword - 150m
-Valentine Sword 2012 - 100m
-Fallen Angel Sword 150 - 100m

-Astrocandle Gun - 60m
-Dark Noxx Machine Gun - 60m
-Happiness Rifle - 150m
-Matsuri Gun - 200m
-Mardi Gras Gun - 200m
-Cupid Bowgun - 100m

-Geminorum Glasses - 800m
-Sweat Drop Maskx2 - 300m each

Head Accessories
-Boxer Bunny Halo - 500m
-Inventor Lion Halo - 500m

-Rosalyna's Cape - 100m


Maiden Queen Shotgun
- 1.5kAP+ 500m
- 50AC+ 300m

Maiden Queen Bracelet
- 37LK+ - 200m
- 2k hp+ - 250m
- 37HV+ - 200m

Maiden Shield
- 1.1kDP+ - 800m

Maiden Mace
-1.3k AP+ - 300m
-1.4k AP+ - 600m

And because I forgot to put in the title, this is Jewelia. If a mod could edit it I'd appreciate it!